Saturday, March 15, 2008

rock & gem show

We are in Vancouver at our rockhound club's rock, gem & jewelry show. If you're in the area, come on down! There are rocks ... gems ... jewelry .... beads .... books .... stuff to make jewelry .... stuff for kids .... lots of fun.

Hastings Community Centre
3096 E. Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC
(across from the PNE)

Sat, Mar.15 & Sun, Mar.16
10am - 5pm

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

spring is on it's way

It might not look like it out there, with snow everywhere, but the birds must know something we don't. On Monday we were in the middle of a blizzard and these brave first arrivals were huddled at the feeders .... 3 purple finches and 2 juncos.That storm has since passed and the weather is turning glorious. This morning I caught Xena and Yus BOTH chasing a pair of birds around the yard. I'd never seen these guys here before and was trying to take pictures of them. They even let me get fairly close, but I just couldn't get the shot. I got a really good look at them, though, and identified them in my bird book as "Crossbills". Cute little guys and kinda friendly, chattering away to me. This a picture I stole off the internet.How do they eat with a beak like that?

So, I've been sending silent prayers to the birthday fairy, asking for a zoom-ier lens for my camera. I guess I never told you about my new camera, did I? We discovered that we had a zillion points on one of the credit cards .... enough to get this ....So even though it wasn't really free, it seemed like it. I love it. It's quite a change from the little one I had. So many new features to learn. Also, it's a bit clunkier. Can't just slip it into my pocket while out and about. I have plans to make a case for it and while I'm in Vancouver I'll get the fabric and foam to make my very own custom bag (that's not a hint....I really DO want to make my own case). Currently, I pack it around in spare toque (nice and cushy) and put that inside a flap hat, tie the strings together for a handle and voila .... instant camera bag. I squish it all down so the camera's not sticking out. Certainly good enough for now.