Saturday, September 26, 2009

in training

I'm in training. Art is too. We are registered in an upcoming race in Kelowna. I'm going to walk the 5K portion of the Okanagan Marathon. Art will run. Sara is also entered, but she will run the Half-Marathon. One day it would be fun to join her, but for now I'll stick with the short races. I'm not as advanced as Art just yet, so we go to the High School track to practice. It works out great because we can each go at our own pace and yet still be within sight of each other.

It's hard to describe to someone who's never felt it, exactly how those endorphins feel. When I used to run (a few years back), I remember telling Sara how addictive that GOOD feeling was, but she thought I was completely nuts. Now that she is a runner herself, she knows precisely what I meant. And now she has done me the favour of re-igniting that desire in me.

It's hard to get started, no doubt about it, especially after gaining an extra 100 lbs, but the more I do, the easier it gets.

Today I ran 1.35 km. Not all at once, but in 100m segments. Couldn't do that a few months ago. Easy Does It.