Monday, March 21, 2011

more on moosey babe

Here is the video I took of the moose calf we encountered on our road. It shows how slippery the ice really is. And she was clearly getting quite annoyed with us. I wish I had thought to turn off the heater, which is blasting away.

I've been vacillating about posting this because about 10 hours later I went back to find that she had died. Something must have happened to her Mom for her to be alone like that and the baby could not survive without her. I know that nature can seem so cruel sometimes, but I'm glad I got to meet that little girl... even for a few minutes.

moosey babe

8:00 on Saturday morning, this little girl was in the middle of our road (there's that squiggly sign in the background, indicating our driveway is just ahead). She seems to be separated from her Mom for some reason and did not want to move out of the way.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

last cries of winter

This is Sue's little dog, Sprocket. He came out to see us as we were collecting wood. He's not too crazy about the sub zero temperatures.
The other day Tom called to say he was plowing out the guy who lives in the valley below us. Had to use the telephoto lense to get this pic.... can you see him down there?
We drove down to check how he was doing. If you look directly above the snow blade at the bare patch just above the trees (way off in the distance) you can see our house.
Here's a more zoomed in shot.
When the job was all done (some 6 1/2 hours later.... long driveway), there were horses and a donkey by the house. Funny looking guy, this.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch.... Cleo's looking for where Xena buried that bone.
Kermit's just hangin' around.
Xena asks "does this ice field make my ass look fat?"
The greenhouse will soon be visible again from behind the mountain of snow piled up in front.
Look what has popped up in the lettuce patch (inside the greenhouse, of course). What a thrill.

Also.... check out Art's blog for other stories and pics.

And, lastly, to change the subject.... I recently was in Victoria and brought home a family heirloom. These were amongst my Mom's belongings and I remember her loaning them to me to wear at Art's and my wedding. I didn't pay attention at the time, as she told me who they had belonged to, but all these years later I found them again. My auntie Roberta was able to tell me that they are from my great grandmother Barriskell. Such a treasure!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

take a drive to our house

For those who have never been here, I thought I'd show you the lovely drive up our driveway. For those that have been here, but not seen it in winter, enjoy the snowy view....

Starting at the "squiggly" sign on Savory Road, enter our driveway at the bottom gate and travel uphill 1 km. Don't mind the cracked windshield... those are common in these parts. The tall "cross" at the second gate is not a cross, but a weather station and flag pole.

And then, just for fun, let's go back down again....