Monday, February 08, 2010

weekend warriors

We've been spending our weekends lately out in the bush bringing in firewood. Our friend has a woodlot and a one-man logging operation. What he can't sell to the sawmill is considered scrap and he gets charged for leaving it laying around, so we are more than happy to go in and help him "clean up" by bringing the wood home to burn in our furnace. I think we've gathered about 9 chords so far. We've got close to all of NEXT winter's supply in, but if we're going to keep a chicken coop and greenhouse going we'll need plenty more.Art cuts it, I load it. Either I'm getting stronger or the wood's getting lighter because I can really fling that stuff around. Mind you I usually need an ibuprofen before bed and can't stay awake much past 8:00pm, but it's a really nice kind of tired.

On the drive to and from, it's nice to have a cup of coffee. Around Christmas time we got a taste of some sugarfree syrup from Starbucks and boy is that stuff nice! Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) it's a 400 km roundtrip to the nearest Starbucks so we had to get creative. A good strong cup of coffee, 3 spoons of Splenda, 2 spoons of vanilla extract, a little whitener or skim milk....voila! Way, way yummy.All that wood cutting wears down the teeth on a chainsaw.While Art was doing a little on-the-spot sharpening, I took the pocket camera and shot some pictures.

Here's an ice caterpillar....

...and some other pics....

I love the wintertime, but we are now back into a "false" spring. It really is weird. I'm not ready for spring yet. Want to get out on these a few more times.I am. however, placing the seed order today. Want to be prepared for the biggest, best garden ever this year. So, as much as I'm not in a hurry for spring to arrive I do need to look in that direction a little bit.