Tuesday, August 04, 2009

cooler heads

I am eternally grateful that this blasted heatwave has broken. At least, it has up here in Endako. Temperatures sure do jump around. We had nearly 2 weeks of 38C and then suddenly we get this .... Yesterday's high was 28, low of 3! Today we didn't even get to 20C. I actually had to put pants on (instead of shorts .... I know what you're thinking!).

Some things that like the heat (besides a few of you crazy people out there) are the sweet potatoes .... and the Saskatoon berries. Plump and juicy. Xena loves to pick them herself, right off the bush.Then Cleo gets in on the act. She likes them, too. Now the race will be on between us and the bears to harvest these yummy berries.Other things that are getting close to harvest are the cabbage .... and squash ....
These guys are being held in slings Art made from socks.The turnips are having a problem, though. Some dirty, rotten bugs are eating them.A good soaking of water and Ivory soap seems to have taken care of that. The potatoes get a squirt, too, just to be safe.What do you suppose this is that we found on our morning walk? Is it poo or is it a mushroom?It's a mushroom. We do get quite a variety growing in the cooler underbrush.