Sunday, June 19, 2011

a new day on the farm

Now that the cows are back for the summer, Xena is introducing herself.
And making sure they don't make off with any of the fence repair supplies.
We are boarding Sara and Kevin's dog, Lucy, and she's not so sure what these critters are.
Yesterday, we added to our menagerie four more weaner pigs (yes, that's spelled right.... "weaner" as in they've been weaned from their mother..... not "weiner" as in a hot dog). They are a welcome addition because they are very unique little guys. Not just the regular old pink pigs, but colourful black and red striped and one kinda orange with spots. I LOVE them! I have learned that the striping is a trait of wild boar, so they've got some interesting background to them.
They are one week younger than the pinks we already had, so are a tiny bit smaller.
This one is my favourite. Something about polka dots!
Our little pink gilt did spend some time putting the newcomers in their place, just so there was no misunderstanding about who the boss was. But once that was established it was time for a nap in the sun. After all, it was a long day.