Friday, October 14, 2011

another first

This is a much more welcomed "first".... our first egg from our new chicks. I guess they're all grown up now.
I was just thrilled to find this today. Took me right back to 12 years old when I was in 4H.

One thing I DON'T remember about chickens is how nasty they can be. These guys are deliberately very, very tame. Not afraid of me at all, but a few of them have been taking some pretty good pecks out of me lately. I can see why some people are afraid of chickens. All I can say is.... we eat the mean ones first!

Geez, do you think you could get any closer to the woodstove, there, Blackie?
This is a much better viewing position.
Oh, and by the way..... the only thing worse than watching a cat eat a mouse is cleaning up the carpet after it barfs it back up. Charming.

first snow

Oh good. Something for me to worry about while Art drives to 100 Mile House today (about a 7 hour drive). Good thing we got those studded snow tires put on the other day.
I know this will be melted as soon as the sun comes up, but how many idiots are out there with summer tires still on and speeding down the highway? I'm glad Art has the "SPOT" on, so I can track his trip. Just makes me feel better to see him continuing to move down the road.