Friday, October 14, 2011

another first

This is a much more welcomed "first".... our first egg from our new chicks. I guess they're all grown up now.
I was just thrilled to find this today. Took me right back to 12 years old when I was in 4H.

One thing I DON'T remember about chickens is how nasty they can be. These guys are deliberately very, very tame. Not afraid of me at all, but a few of them have been taking some pretty good pecks out of me lately. I can see why some people are afraid of chickens. All I can say is.... we eat the mean ones first!

Geez, do you think you could get any closer to the woodstove, there, Blackie?
This is a much better viewing position.
Oh, and by the way..... the only thing worse than watching a cat eat a mouse is cleaning up the carpet after it barfs it back up. Charming.

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