Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nanook of the North

We had a wonderful long weekend with Sara and Kevin visiting from Vancouver. Art was proud to show off the greens growing in his tire garden.Sara kept telling me I was going to "catch my death" if I didn't put a jacket on,but I just don't feel the cold like she does.

Xena was very happy to have company, too. She loves to play with Kevin.

Actually, I believe she is IN LOVE with Kevin. Even though Art posted a picture like this on his blog, I like this one because Xena is smiling!


Carol Browne said...

Ha! That's a great picture with Xena. Poor Sara! She looks freezing. I'm sure you're wearing your crocs without socks, aren't you?

Anne said...

Now that's a dog! She sure knows how to take advantage of life's comforts. Also love the toy she's playing with. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your words about Beulah touched me more than you could ever know.