Monday, January 28, 2008

I had to put a sweater on

Yow-zah! I have to's getting nippy out there. I don't know what the little weather icon on my blog is reading right now, but this is what it is as I am writing this..... We've got a trickle running from the kitchen tap, just in case the pipes decide to freeze before Art can get the heater on up at Gramma's.

We didn't get anything like Vancouver did yesterday. A tiny bit of snow, but mostly just hurricane winds. The skies are clear and sunny now, but according to this "warning" it ain't over yet.


My Little Corner said...

You? You're the lady who runs around in the snow in shorts and crocs! Brr, then it's definitely too cold - forget what the weatherman says! ;-)

Carol Browne said...

Minus 38 and "fair" should not be in the same sentence. INSANE! You guys are experiencing Calgary-like weather.

The temperature in Burnaby was mild this morning, but still snowing when I left for work. I pick snow over -38 for sure!!