Thursday, May 08, 2008

look who's back

My sweet little hummers have returned. It's so good to see them. Only have 2 so far, but the rest can't be far behind. In anticipation of their arrival I started getting the feeders ready.I've hung out 2 for now. The rest will go up soon. I am a little concerned, however, because we have 2 new cats that both go outside and one is especially interested in the birds. Lee Valley has something called CatScat and I think I'm gonna get some.While we were in Vancouver recently, I had a birthday. Art gave me a new lens for my camera. It's a 70-300mm zoom with image stabilizer. VERY nice!He also gave me this cool camera bag. It's called a "sling shot". You wear it like a backpack, but when you need it it swings around to your front (without having to take it off) for quick access.I have been practicing a lot, trying all the different settings on my camera, but I don't know what I'm doing. My friend Rockey has given me some quick lessons via email (which have helped alot.....thanks Rock), but I'm going to take a course.

Here's a group shot of "the kidz". It's a rare opportunity to get them altogether like this.The only one missing is Boose, but she's rarely in the house. And when she is, it's not harmonious. Blackie doesn't like her much and will try to pick fights with her. I don't know what his problem is....just a grump, I guess.

I am working on a new knitting project. Working like a fiend on it because I have given myself a deadline, which is fast approaching. It's a secret, so can't tell you any more right now. Later.This is my new favourite treat. I don't mind yogurt. It's OK. Nothing spectacular .... until NOW!I know you can't read the writing on it very well, but it's called "chocolate cherry fondue" .... CHOCOLATE ! My biggest weakness is chocolate. My favourites are Guylian Belgian seashells with Cadbury's Dairymilk coming in second, all of which I gave up 4 months ago. As soon as I tasted this yogurt, I was in love. It's like eating chocolate covered cherries with that little tang that yogurt adds. It's not Belgian pralines, but dang it's GOOOOOD. And it's fat free .... only 35 calories. I immediately went online trying to find it in the big containers, but alas it only comes in the variety packs.


Cathy L said...

What great photo's and I really love the Xena with the cats.

Carol Browne said...

Oh wow! The spaceship bird feeder. I have a little round hummingbird feeder. I wonder if we'd get any hummingbirds if I put it up?

Your lens is bad a$$ and so is that camera bag! I can't wait to see your zoomy pictures. You'll get some awesome bird shots with that new long lens.

The knitting is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I was just in the backyard playing with Cleo, and there were tons of humming birds at the neighbour's feeders. Sounded like a bee swarm or something there were so many. Kewl! All the fun and I don't have to worry about Cleo biting the birds!