Sunday, July 27, 2008

sprucin' up the joint

We have company coming today so I guess it's time to cut the grass. We don't have the cows up here this year (not that they came around the house), so maybe we need to get a goat ... or a llama ... or a lawn mower. I don't think this weed-wacker is meant to work so hard .... and now it's broken.Anyhoo. Our company is R.T., a long lost friend from 30 years ago that Art has recently reconnected with, his wife Rhoda and their dogs, Tommy & Molly. We are SO looking forward to seeing them. And Xena has no idea of the fun that is in store. Woo-hoooo!

Xena is a very .... what's the word? ..... exuberant hostess. She LOVES when company comes. Yesterday some friends stopped to say "hi" as they were driving from Terrace to Vancouver. Eric knocked on the door and there was our blonde greeter hopping all around him. Then she quickly went over to the garden, took a dip in her pool and returned to greet Charlene as she was getting out of the car. Soaking, dripping wet dog right in the lap ..... "how do you like me so far?" Gotta love 'er.


Carol Browne said...

OOOOH! I vote for goats! They are so cute and there's nothing like goat cheese. YUM.

My Little Corner said...

oh boy, that's quite the job.
I always wanted to get goats on my property (but it's not that big)
Maybe you can get angora goats so you can knit with their hair/fleece/what do you call it....
(I heard their really stinky)