Saturday, November 22, 2008

winter has arrived

Before the snow came to stay we had some foggy days. We had several snowfalls, but it would then warm and melt. This one's for real, I'm pretty sure.I've been talking about Ewie a lot and here he is, up to more shenanigans. I don't know where he thinks he's going.Xena does her part to make kindling for the fireplace.She's so helpful.All that excitement calls for a little nap ...... and a snack.I think I'm getting the hang of this knitting intarsia. It's fiddly work. What I'm making is a surprise, so I will only show you this little bit for now. This is what the intarsia looks like from the back-side.Do you know what's harder to photograph than a black cat? ... or a white cat? ... or black and white cats together? Stitchwork. I tried every setting on my camera and every kind of lighting. It's really hard to do! After about 50 shots I finally gave up and chose this as the best I could get. I have a whole new respect for those photographers that shoot "product".


Carol Browne said...

That top photo of Ewie (the hooligan) with the hazy background is BEAUTIFUL! I love it. Your place is becoming a real farm - all the kitties, the dog and the's awesome.

Stay warm!

My Little Corner said...

Brr! It looks nice, but I'm glad I don't live up North anymore. Is your house warm?
The kittles are cute - I love Ewie climbing - silly cat thinks she's a monkey!

I put the Macro setting and tip my camera a bit so the flash doesn't wash out my colours, but yes, I agree, it's not easy and takes special focus and lighting!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I love the photo at the top - should enter it in a contest! Hope everything else is well. e