Tuesday, January 17, 2012

cold enough for ya?

Things are a little nippy around here lately. This was our house this morning ....
Look at this crazy forecast! For those that don't speak celsius, minus 47 is minus 52.6 degrees Fahrenheit.
I don't know if it will actually get that cold, but at minus 30 our water has frozen up. Art put a heater on the pipes, so hopefully things will be flowing again soon. There are a lot of things I can do without, but running water is not one of them.

So, there are 3 fires burning right now....the house, the greenhouse and the barn. Art goes out and stokes them every 4 hours. Even during the night. The water has frozen in the greenhouse and the barn, too, so we really need to get the house water going so that we can get some to the animals. In the meantime, though, Xena and Cleo think it's all just fun and games.
Hey, where did everybody go? Who wants to play red ball?
The cats have different ideas.
Jack is such a clown
I have a question about chickens. What would make feathers curl like this? This pullet is a Rhode Island Red and looks like she's been using a curling iron. She's not sick or anything, just has this whacky "do".
Here's me plowing the yard. I'm in there, waving at you.
We went to Prince George awhile back and look what we found! I've become quite a maniac for this hot sauce, which up until now we've only been able to find in Chinese stores in Vancouver. That's one big YAHOO from me!
And Art found one of his favourite teas. Very thrilled to have found this store.
Time to hunker down and get warm.
Which way did they go?

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Carol Browne said...

I'm with the kitties! Stay warm by the stove! I also love that Zena sits on the shelf by the window. She doesn't realize how big she is, does she? Your animals are adorable.