Thursday, July 19, 2012

so many white dogs

Back in April, we adopted Snow (a Marama) and her two pups.
Over the months, she has put on some weight and her long, coarse coat has changed to silky soft with a little bit of wave to it.
The pups, Daisy and Mae, are growing like mad and are now nearly 5 months old. Their father was a Blue Heeler, and slowly the blue spots are coming out on the pups. Kinda unique looking.
They are all lovely dogs and it's been hard to make the decision to let them go, but it's time to find homes for them. Especially now that we have adopted a young male Great Pyrenees. This was what we wanted from the beginning. We would have preferred a puppy, but they are not easy to come by unless you want to pay ridiculous amounts of money. No disrespect to dog breeders, but c'mon!

Our new boy is named Hurley. He might weigh 150 lbs and can rest his head on the kitchen table without even trying, but he is still just a pup at 1 1/2 years old. He's a handsome devil and has personality plus. I'm hoping the mindless barking is just a phase. I know the breed does that, but continously? Give me a break. I've been told he will calm down as he matures a bit. Snow, after all, only barks when she's patrolling, but she's a few years older.

This is Hurley on the left and Snow on the right
And Xena on the far left.
With the help of the Burns Lake Vet Clinic, we may have found a home for Snow. About 100 acre farm near Burns Lake. I talked to the prospective new owner on the phone for half an hour and I got a very good feeling that this may be a great home for Snow. We're going to meet on the weekend.

As for the pups, one person has expressed an interest, so here is a little video clip of Daisy and Mae taken over the last few days.

Here is another video of all the kritters hanging around together. In the middle of it, you will see Snow. She's more aloof and just observes activities from the perimeter. A very common trait for her breed. Hurley's a goof ball, but Xena doesn't take any of his guff, as you'll see in the clip.

And lastly, there's one little bit in there that is just for you, Bubba. It was a hot day when I took that video and Art is explaining to the dogs how later we'll get a refreshing cool drink and "take a Barb". That's in your honour. When we take a break in the shade and turn the tunes up, it is now officially called a "Barb".

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JakkieJaz said...

I truly enjoyed watching the video. Hurley acts like such an overgrown pup. I sincerely hope he matures relatively soon and becomes the perfect farm dog for you!! :) He is such a teenage hooligan right now. Haha. You and Art are wonderful people and so good to your animals, so I know Hurley will thrive with your love, patience, firmness and guidance!