Sunday, January 06, 2013

a new year

Been a long time since I posted last, but it's a new year and let's see if I can get back into it. Today is an anniversary of several life events, so what better a day for a new beginning? Fourteen years ago I quit smoking (and stayed quit). I also started a fitness program which led to weight loss, a gym membership and training to be a runner. All those things were successful... for quite a long time, but the only one that has lasted was the quitting smoking. Today also happens to be the 20 year anniversary of my first day at BC Housing. I'm now retired, but my career there really was very gratifying. I made life long friends and there are many things I miss about it. Christmas and New Year's has just passed and both were very lovely. Quiet and low-key as it was just the two of us. And all the beasties, of course. Rather than chop down a perfectly good tree and prop it up in our house, I put up the ceramic tree my Mom made back in the 1970's. Here it is, with a few gifts around it, being closely guarded by Chickie.
I didn't get as many gifts made as I would have liked and wish I had made these, but instead I found them on Etsy and had them made. One for Sophie, one for Claire. Dying to see pictures of them on the girls.
I did get a little crochet done. Ewie thinks it's the best fun ever to help me with that.
Ewie, Kermit, Jack and Chickie watching a woodpecker outside, I believe. The only one missing is Blackie.
Boose has taken up residence in the greenhouse. She's got a pretty nice view overlooking the snow covered tire garden.
Last month, our big new dog, Hurley, had a bit of an accident and we had to keep him on house arrest for about 3 weeks. He had been out doing his job, patrolling the property and earlier in the day I could see him and Xena running along the treeline. Most likely chasing off a coyote, but later on we saw Hurley limping as he headed back to the house. There was blood dripping onto the snow, so we brought him inside to check him out. Under his front leg, along the side of his chest, there was a puncture and under his skin was a broken off piece of a stick! Long story short, the vet got it out, but it took two us to hold him down and we really needed at least one other person. Even though he was in great pain, he never once showed any aggression. What an extremely good boy he was! Here he is convalescing and Jack is giving him some sympathy.
And the offending shard of wood....
Speaking of white dogs.... can you spot the 3 of them in this picture?
Oh, there they are!
This is Xena and I. A friend gave me this coat and it is some kinda nice. Wore it while splitting wood one day and I was toasty warm. We use an electric wood splitter and I just stand there pushing the buttons, so it gets cold quickly not moving around.
Polka Dot is home. I know that's kind of a sissy name for a studly guy, but maybe you can guess how he got that name.
The "girls" are very interested who this new fellow is and can be found smooching him through the fence.
This is our newest addition. His destiny is to be a stud boar also, in about 6 months time. We call him "RT Burke-shire". He is a Birkshire and we named him after our good friend RT Burke. It might not seem like it, but it's an honour.
We are enjoying a really lovely winter so far. Art took this picture today, looking West from between the house and the shop.

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Denise E said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. I can check up on my sis and see how her life is going. I'm glad Hurley didn't have worse injuries from that stick.