Wednesday, April 17, 2013

fancy schmancy new pig feeder

We found this brand new pig feeder on kijiji. It was one heck of a good deal and we just could not pass it up. It came with 2 more tiers to make into a mini silo, but not so easy to get feed into with the equipment we have. This configuration holds one 1100 lb bag of grain, which is perfect. Polly, the first little gilt in the video, knew right away how to work it and was lifting the flaps before there was even any food in it. The others didn't really appreciate her smart-i-toodiness and kept chasing her off, but eventually they grokked what she was doing.

In the middle of the video, Art is hugging up Peg, our 2 year old sow. She is a lovely, docile girl and this was 2 days before she farrowed with her first litter. I will put up a video of her and her new babies in my next post. It is in editing now. 

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