Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dadd-burned cows

Now I'm even talking like a farmer. Sheesh. But, really, they are dumb beasts. I think Moo-dini has been teaching the kids some tricks (Moo-dini is the name Art gave one of the cows last year, that could pirouette her way around the cattle guards to get into where she shouldn't be). Over the last couple of days there have been two calves getting through the fence. Or maybe it's the same one both times. I just don't know. What I DO know is, there'll be hell to pay if that new garden gets trampled.

And you've heard of "fraidy-cats"? Well, they're nothing compared to "fraidy-cows", I'm telling ya. When I went out to shoo that calf back through the fence I caused a veritable stampede. My God! Take a pill, you stupid cows.

Even so, they do provide some nice photo ops.


Daughter One said...

Okay, I showed my whole office the picture so I really hope you took it. Its beautiful.

PS. I'm kinda jealous... it's been awhile since I caused a stampede.

carolb said...

I love that shot. It's awesome.