Saturday, June 03, 2006

Paintin' Fools

Our neighbour, Audrey, got a new greenhouse and we went over to help her stain it before the plastic went up. It's been a very stormy few days, so we got rained out yesterday. We finished the job today under the constant threat of more rain.

Even Xena got in on the act. She hasn't gotten the jist of looking before drinking and dove her face right into the first can of stain that Art opened. Thankfully he had a big bucket of water right there and was able to wash her mouth out right away. What a goober. Today, she still couldn't stay away ..... note the little white Charlie Chaplin moustache.We got about 1/2 the garden planted day before yesterday, but Art can tell you about that.

I have been taking little video clips of different things, with the idea of posting them on my blog, but I can't figure out how to do it. So, Carol, the blogging queen, came to my rescue ..... sort of. She didn't teach me how, but she did post a couple of my clips on her blog. Please do check them out ..... . Thanks loads, Carol.

I had a bit of a fright this morning when I found Blackie (my big kittykat boy) feeling quite under the weather. I gave him until the afternoon to show improvement or it was off to the vet. Thankfully, he has recovered. I was very worried, though. He may have gotten stung by a wasp (or maybe even ate one). I have found about 6 in the house over the last few days.

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carolb said...

Poor Blackie. I'm glad he's okay. For your movie clips, I just registered with and it's free. You just upload them at their site and they give you the code to put on your site.
As an added bonus, I've never gotten any spam, so the registration system is good! It's easy!