Tuesday, February 20, 2007

winter harvest

We've been getting more snow and the wind's been blowing. The drifting makes an eerily beautiful landscape. Here's what the garden looked like this morning (before Art got out there with the skid steer and cleared the driveway....yet again).I think I told you how the first snow (back on October 27) took us by such a surprise that we didn't have time to get the garden harvested. So, the turnips, beets and brussel sprouts have been out there all this time. Just for fun yesterday, Art did a little digging and came up with these.They are turnips. Not only are they perfectly fine, they have continued to grow. Even the greens are still green! I cooked a bunch for supper and they were fantastic. Turns out that although we've had layer upon layer of snow and ice, the ground underneath never did freeze. And I guess the snow insulated it enough to allow things to keep growing. Pretty unusual conditions and not likely to occur that way again. This has sure been a season to remember.

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carolb said...

Amazing! Very cool turnip story.