Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Xena the Destroyer

Ya, sure, she looks like a peaceful little angel in this photo. Believe me, she's just taking a break.Notice all the toys laying around her? Well, those aren't even hers. She looted them from her cousin Brutis' toybox. She particularly goes for the ones that squeak, so we got her some of her own for the long drive home. They didn't last long. Each of these poor little guys is now in the hospital getting their guts and brains sewn back in.
Not to mention eyeballs and spleens (the squeeking device inside).I think Blackie and Chickie were feeling sorry for poor hedgehog because they appear to be guarding him here. He really got the worst of it. Even his little legs are ripped off.

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Anonymous said...

WOW - now you're a Doctor! What we won't do for our kids! Just checkin' in sounds like everythings going fine. Making plans to visit Lori next weekend, we'll send photo's! Hugs e