Sunday, February 03, 2008

that bleh feeling

It was one year ago today that my Mom passed away. Here is a picture of my parents in happier days. It was obviously taken on New Year's Eve, but I'm not exactly sure when. Sometime before Mom's accident, so must be early to mid 70's.Maybe that's why I've been feeling so "bleh" lately.

Speaking of "ble"....I couldn't resist buying this when I saw it in the store.

....oh, that's the French side, silly.

I never knew the French word for wheat is ble. Somehow appropriate.


My Little Corner said...

That's a wonderful photo. I love it.

It's okay to feel that way every now and again and it's also wonderful that you can see the humor in things such as ble/wheat! Good for you!

Wishing you a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Love the hats! Of course the smiles make the photo!

Hope the bleh feeling leaves soon.
Love e

Carol Browne said...

You look just like your dad in that photo...amazing.

Enjoy your wheat/ble! Ha!

Jo-Ann said...

OK Carol....I'm going to have to kill you now.