Thursday, February 07, 2008

twinkling diamonds

When we had those few days of minus 38 degrees it was really pretty outside. There were little diamonds floating everywhere, as though the air itself was freezing. It was gorgeous to see but super hard to photograph. This picture is the best of the MANY I took. I like it a lot, especially that one twinkle.

I'm feeling a lot better, thanks everyone. I've been making a few lifestyle modifications and they're starting to pay off. Like eating healthy and incorporating some physical exercise into each day. It's not much right now, just stair climbing inside the house, but it's part of a plan and I'm on track. I've been through this before and those endorphins are addictive.

I think getting that first year after my Mom's passing behind me is a biggie. It's like a thorn out of my paw.

And one last little piece of therapy that has helped is from someone I don't even know....and she may never know the impact she's had. I sometimes look at a blog called Big Girl Feet. And that's only because she's linked to Carol's blog and Denise's blog. She recently posted this question to anyone reading... "what do you love about yourself?". Well, jeez, I dismissed it right away. I kept thinking about it though and after a few days it didn't seem like such a dumb question after all. Just the excercise of thinking about it kinda perked me up. Thanks Cynthia.


Big Girl Feet said...

and thank you for reading & commenting on my blog! your answer was great- i really appreciated it!!

My Little Corner said...

I'm very happy to feel that things are getting better for you! That is very good news.

I don't think I'd get out of bed with minus 38 outside!brrrrrrrrr.

So nice that Cynthia's blog picked you up - me? I couldn't even answer the question. Still can't.

Carol Browne said...

Hi Jo-Ann! I nominated you for this award -