Sunday, August 17, 2008

busy, busy, busy.....

This has been a very busy few weeks. Lots of visitors and some projects going on. I have been taking plenty of photos, but just need to get down to posting about it all. One thing that's happened is I took a leap of faith and moved away from Microsoft. I was having more and more problems with Vista, so finally asked Art to wipe out my machine and install Linux. It was an all day event because there are quirks between the Compaq Presario and Ubuntu. But with Art's experience and my unix background, we were able to get it working in the end. Change is something I'm not good at, but this is worth it so I'll persevere. Photo management is a pretty big priority for me, so I have some learning to do.

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My Little Corner said...

so how do you like your new OS now?
Can't wait to see more posts from you again.