Monday, August 25, 2008

fun with power tools

We went to Home Depot in Prince George yesterday and came home with this. It's a compound mitre saw and stand.I love assembling stuff so jumped at Art's invitation to help put it all together.Art even let me play with the new saw.It is pretty cool, I gotta say. Look how wafer thin I was able to cut this piece of wood.And my first 45..... I was so impressed with this that I am now inspired to build some stuff.It'll have to wait, though. I'm kinda busy with some volunteer duties for the rockhound club and the community hall society, just to name a couple of things.


Carol Browne said...

Hey! Your hair! It looks very long again in that picture. What will you be building? My guess? Looks like a few winter projects.

My Little Corner said...

Yup, sounds like a good day! Enjoy your new equipment - I hope this means you're not giving up your knitting/crocheting?