Monday, March 02, 2009

are you smarter than a Golden Retriever?

Had to take Xena to the vet the other day. She'd been having the "trots" for awhile. Her presciption is a bland diet of rice, cottage cheeze and yogurt for about 5 days and some anti-biotics. I have to give her a honkin' pill 3 times a day and you dog owners out there know how much fun that can be. A favoured way is to hide it in a bit of weiner, which works great until the first time she chews instead of gulps. Now she's on to me and spits the pill out onto the floor. I know about peanut butter or cream cheeze, but I believe I have a less messy solution. So far, it's working like a charm.....brilliant, if I do say so myself.I break off 2 pieces of weiner (not very big ... just large enough to hide a pill). Stick the pill into one of them (I don't let her see me do this ... just in case she's really, really smart). Make her sit, hold a weiner piece in each hand right in front of her face, so she knows there's 2. Pop the one with the pill as far to the back of her mouth as possible and immediately show her that she's getting the next one. She's so focused on the next one that she gulps down the one in her mouth. Then she gets the second. Voila .... Robert is almost certainly your mother's brother (as my wacky cousin in Finland says).


Art Blomquist said...

Bob's your uncle.

Denise E said...

I gave Shelby 2 Lakota's everyday the same way. Only I just had to show him that when he ate the first one there was another one for him to inhale. The first one was never chewed, so he quit finding the 2. Worked great!

My Little Corner said...

Yup, those are big pills, I would've placed those at the very back of the mouth first and then follow with the treat - some dogs have quite the amazing ability to eat around medicine don't they!
You're smarter than Xena. Hope she gets better soon.