Tuesday, March 17, 2009

family tree

Are you wondering why you haven't heard from me lately? I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you, my faithful readers, but I am fully immersed in the research of my family tree. I believe I have a tendancy to be obsessive....maybe just a little. I got bit by this bug and now it's all I can think about. I love, love, LOVE all the data. And I'm finding that my new-found relatives are very willing to share their info with me.So far I'm concentrating on my grandmother's line, on my father's side. I chose to start there because that family name is not very common. All the people in Scotland with that name come from this one family. And they've expanded to places like England, Finland, Spain, Australia, the USA and Canada. At times it's been a little overwhelming, but for the most part I'm just eating it up. It's like one giant Logic puzzle ..... and if you know me you know how I love those.

Art was away for a few days and while he was gone I was literally glued to my computer. I could barely wait to get up in the morning to see if someone from the other side of the globe had written to me during the night. While Art was in Vancouver, he had access to Chapters bookstore and brought me home some treasures.Thank you, Art. Woo-Hoo!!!

Oh, and he also brought me this. Where can I stash this for emergency purposes? Hmmmmm.....


Denise E said...

LOL. That is a hilarious box of chocolate.
I'm interested to see the tree when you're done.

michelle said...

okay, i need that chocolate ... and a glass case with one of those little "break in case of emergency" signs! :)

i think it is great that you are getting so into your family history. be sure to share any interesting characters you may turn up!

Viki said...

Ok, Emergency is probably when friends visit and the dogs are excited to meet, and the cats are nervous, and no one can sleep. I think so

Anonymous said...

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My Little Corner said...

Oh that's terrific! So wonderful that you have such a detailed history. And so nice to read that there are still specialized magazines around!
How wonderful that you found something that excites you so much!
A couple of years ago my mom made scrapbooks/family albums for each of us 'kids' and all sorts of old stories would come flooding back to her - her brain would almost get lost in time - it was really interesting.
P.S. - Emergency chocolate is always welcome!