Thursday, April 02, 2009

the month of March

That month went by fast. I've been so absorbed in my genealogy project that I haven't been paying too much attention to anything else. Art made 2 trips to Vancouver while I kept the home fires burning and did research on the computer. Data and statistics and puzzle solving....right up my alley. I had a birthday in there, too (we won't talk about which one, OK?). Thank you all for the nice wishes.

In between Art's two trips to Vancouver we were dog sitting Lucy.She's a very high energy Coon Hound, so having all the room to run was welcomed I'm sure. Her and Xena get along and sharing wasn't as much of an issue as it has been in the past.We practiced staying calm while in the house and she was starting to get the idea that the cats are not toys.It's funny because Ewie was the most afraid (at first) and he's the one who is best friends with Xena. You just never know who's gonna be friends with who. Kinda like people, I guess.The only real problem we had was when Lucy saw Boose, the shop cat, outside. All bets were off. At one point Lucy chased Boose up into the rafters of this shed. Can you see her there?How the hell did she get up there? From inside the shed you can see how she probably went.The next time, though, it was a chase across the yard. There was a lot of shouting, some hissing and spitting and scratching, and a little bit of yelping. Somebody was pretty subdued for the rest of the night.I think she could smell Sara in that chair.

So, now we await the arrival of Cleo, Xena's new sister. She will be here late tomorrow night. I'm a bit nervous. I hope everybody likes each other.

Xena was playing ball toss with Art the other day and suddenly was limping around. Her foot was bleeding like crazy, so we brought her into the house to have a look. Somehow she pulled a toenail right off!! Good Lord. I called the vet, but they said if the whole nail was gone that was better than only part of it because then they'd need to pull the remainder off. Their advice was to let her run around in the snow and let the cold cotterize it. It's been a couple of days now and there's no sign of infection or swelling. Just a bit tender and when Xena's outside she jams it in the snow. It must make it feel better. Poor baby.

Doesn't keep her from wanting to go for walks, though.

Speaking of snow....and walks.... these were taken this morning. Just before Art and Xena went for their morning walk. It's snowing like $*%#@. Doesn't it know it's April 2?

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My Little Corner said...

Happy belated birthday!

and sorry to hear about your April snow! We all need spring to come - sooner than later!