Sunday, April 05, 2009

Xena's new sister

Viki and Ron arrived on Friday night and brought Xena's new sister, Cleo.She's a 4 year old Rottie and is kind of a bulldozer of a girl. For the most part they are getting along pretty well, with a few territorial imperatives to work out.I'm not worried, though. It's an adjustment for all, including the home and family that is now missing her.

Just by chance yesterday, our niece and boyfriend came to visit with their 4 dogs, so I'm sure Cleo thought she was in some sort of doggy resort. There was much running and chasing for the rest of the day.It was sad this morning when Viki & Ron had to go. Cleo cried for a little while. I think she was worried about where Viki had gone. After a few hours, Art took her and Xena for a long walk and she stuck close by.There was a little incident of chasing the shop cat out in the yard, but Cleo listened pretty good when Art told her "NO". I believe things are going to be just fine.


Carol Browne said...'s dog city up at the Endako Moose Reserve! Amazing. Welcome to your new home, Cleo.

So far, so good? I'm sure it will work out just fine.

Viki said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Jo. We had a great visit with you, and I sobbed when I got home. Good to know Cleo missed me a little too. But I know she's going to be very happy there.

michelle said...

i am sure that xena and cleo will be the best of friends ... it must have been so hard for viki to leave her behind, but it had to help knowing that she is going to be so loved and have so much fun chasing chickens!

Cathy L said...

Nice to see pictures of Cleo, Jo, if you need a sitter for her in Burnaby, she likes our house. Our Bennie sobbed when she left here after a visit.

Suzanne said...

Critters adjust well and I'm sure Cleo, if she hasn't already, will snuggle right in.

Enjoy your new kid.