Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy New Year

Xena and I out on the "trail" yesterday. We have almost completed the circle route of our property. Today will be the northeast section, but would you believe it has warmed up to zero and is RAINING! That'll be enough of that, please. I'm not ready for winter to be over just yet. Now that I've gotten my snowshoe "legs" back (my first day out after something like a 25 year hiatus was neither fun nor pretty) I don't want to stop.


Denise E said...

Nice picture of you and Zena. I quess the dogs are having fun with the snowshoeing time with you two. Some people have to rattle the car keys to excite the hounds you guys just have to reach for the door handle.

Anonymous said...

Update your Blog, Inquiring minds need to know.