Saturday, March 25, 2006


We visited our friends Brian and Jane Pinkerton on our way home yesterday. It was our first visit to their llama farm in Mt. Lehman (Abbotsford). The time flew by so fast, no sooner were we there and we had to go. We had a quick lunch and then went out into the yard to admire some darned nice rocks they have "just laying around". Brian was quick to dig us up a bag full of Jerusalem Artichokes, so we'll be planting some of those in our back yard. I've heard they are one of those wonder foods that will keep us young and healthy. I'm all for that!
We didn't actually meet any of the llamas, but they were in various corrals around the farm and they were very curious about who we were. I could see them poking their heads around corners, sneaking peeks at us.I can hardly wait to go back so we can spend more time and get the grand tour. I've added a link (in my "links" section) to their website, which is FULL of really fun stuff about llamas, if you'd like to check it out.


Viki said...

Did you know Brian and Jane are Sandi's inlaws, or is that how you met them?

Jo-Ann said...

I did know that....but not til months after we met them. We spent all of last August touring and rockhounding with them in the Yukon. Then when Mike & Carol were moving into our house we got talking about how we might start raising llamas at our new ranch and we discovered the connection. Next time Art saw Sandi he said "Hey, it turns out I know you!"
Isn't that woo-woo stuff fun? Sandi and her 2 sons were at yesterday's visit, too. Great to see them all.

gayle said...

hey jo! i've been following your blogs since you began. good stuff, kiddo. it's good to know what you guys are up to!

carolb said...

I got an invite to help shear the llamas, so I'll let you know how that goes. Sandi's going to take me there.