Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tuesday started off as a nice enough day.....

This is what we woke up to......the view from our veranda. A beautiful crisp morning of about -12C. We went for a drive to Fraser Lake (about 12 km away), and felt some weird steering problems with our truck when going around some of the big curves. We got out a couple of times to check, but couldn't see anything obviously wrong. We were on our way home and at the last minute decided to stop for the mail. As we were pulling away, there was a loud clunk. I looked in the passenger mirror and saw the rear wheel flopping all over the place, like the axle was broken. We stopped immediately and got out. Here is what we saw.....exactly how it looked.....before we touched anything !!!!!

Holy quacamole, Batman! The danged wheel fell right off !!!!! I think the parallel timeline split off right there.

Art's brother rescued us and has since fixed the wheel lugs. We are so thankful for him. I don't even want to think about any of the "what-ifs" and saying a million thank-you's just doesn't seem to be enough. If ever there was any doubt that we are living in God's fur-lined pocket, there sure isn't any more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Endako Jo!
Am I anonymous if I don't have a blog or even a webpage?
I hope you have a 'survival kit' in your vehicle for when you go gadding about in the frozen northland! Some of those foot warmers and matches and blankets and stuff! And from now on you just make sure you check your wheels before you go anywhere girl!
I LOVE the view from your veranda!!

Della said...

Hey love the blog. Love the view too, Richard and I are jealous!! Seems like you are coming down soon, don't forget to call.
I have "favorited" both your blogs so willbe able to keep up with you. Richard and I traded our trailer for an RV we are getting it on the weekend.
Love ya


Denise said...

Beautiful view! You have a little piece of heaven at your front door.
Like Laurie wrote make sure you are always prepared. Cell phones are sure handy things. Time to make a few surprise pies for your help.

Michelle M. said...

Hi Endako Jo!
Wow, love the life, "crocs" coyotes and lug nuts! You have an interesting life now. I love the view, the veranda, the cat window... the list goes on. I'm so pleased for you.

Michelle M.