Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sniffle, sniffle, koff, koff

Had a fun weekend at the Rock & Gem show. I particularly like the silent auctions, where some great deals can be found. I did come away with a few bags full of treasure, some good books and maps (I'm such a sucker for maps), stuff to craft with and some very nice "display" specimens. I even bought a bunch of rocks especially for tumbling, so I guess I should get those tumblers going one of these days (I have 3, but have never fired them up). Art came down with a bad cold, so one day wasn't too much fun for him. He's pretty much over it now, but today is my turn. Yuk!
For anyone who's interested, there's another Rock & Gem show coming up. It's a good one! More info at http://www.lapidary.bc.ca/gemshow.html

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Viki said...

So, you're staying around to take in the second show I'm sure. Besides, you need time to recover from your bug, right!