Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Brutis.....meet Xena

Art and Kevin attempt to introduce their dogs to each other. Brutis is an elderly girl and not at all sure how to take this tasmanian devil we've brought into her yard. In another week Brutis will be visiting us in Endako, so they can get to know each other even better.


Viki said...

Hey, reminds me of Cleo and Moosh. Moosh being the elder. Watch out Xena doesn't lick the nose of Brutis--that's a big doggie insult apparently.

carolb said...

Oh yes, there was a Moosh and Xena encounter. As well. I have no idea if Xena licked Moosh's nose, but Moosh barked at her anyway. I didn't see it, but I hear there was a bit of biting involved on Moosh's end as well. Oops. I guess I'd better finish reading Cesar's Way - the Dog Whisperer.

Jo-Ann said...

I think it was more like the threat of biting. I'm pretty sure there wasn't any ACTUAL biting. That Moosh don't take no crap, tho. Good for her. Xena needs to know her place.