Saturday, July 29, 2006

Paintin' Maniacs

Well, actually, it's Art that's doing the painting. I'm just kind of watching and taking pictures. Of course, I help where I can, but the hard part is all being done by Art. This is going to be a month of painting. We're doing our house, the Endako Hall (in preparation for a big party there on the Labour Day weekend), 2 different parts of the hotel in town. And mixed in there will be 2 trips to the coast and 4 batches of arriving visitors. And that's just the month of August. Phew!

Here are some "in progress" shots of the house so far. 2 sides done, 2 to go plus the roof. All the dark brown is becoming "biscotti" and the yellow roof will be hunter green.And what a job juggling those ladders around! We also had to put all that plastic up to protect the logs that we finished last summer.

We are wondering about those steeper roof panels on the side.....should we paint them biscotti or hunter green?

I also love Art in his orange panti-hose hat.....oops sorry....dew-rag.
The painting had to be put on hold, though, because we are leaving in the morning to go to Vancouver and Victoria. We are picking up my Dad and bringing him up here for a visit, so thought we might as well get some painting done (oops, look at that .... more painting) on our Burnaby house. We were hoping to have this place done before my Dad got here, but we just ran out of time. Besides, it's pouring buckets out there right now.


Art Blomquist said...

Actually it's called a do-rag. Altho there was persperation on my forehead not enough to be called "dew". And it's actually a vibrent, recycled, stretchy nylon material: not panti-hose.

Viki said...

Sure looked like pant"y" hose to me!

carolb said...

I was going to ask where in Endako you would find orange pantyhose. Thanks for clearing that up!

prairiewoman said...

Well actually, Carol, I think you'd be more apt to find orange pantyhose in Endako than in the city these days. At least as I recall my Northern Days (or don't recall as the case may be) that would be the case.

Denise said...

I think Hunter Green would look best on those steep side roof panels. The place is looking real good with the touch ups you guys are doing.