Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The haul

Because all those rockhounds had to drive about 60 km to our place on Sunday, I drew a map and emailed it to each of them. Then Art made some fun signs and posted them along our road and driveway. Here are a couple ......

He also got quite a haul from the auction. After all the bidding was over (it was a silent auction), there was a bunch of stuff still left. So, the prices were slashed drastically and Art just couldn't resist. All these grinders and motors, 3 buckets of rocks (some very nice stuff indeed) and some jewelry making hammers ...... all for something like $30.
Today has been a real monsoon-y day. Art is over at Tom's, helping him dismantle a log house and load it onto a truck. I wonder how that's going. Pretty soggy, I imagine.

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