Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weeds or Flowers?

I am learning things. Not only has my interest in birds been sparked, but so has an interest in photographing flowers. There are lots and lots of wildflowers growing in the fields here and they are just so darned pretty. My favourite flower is the daisy and there are acres and acres of them all around me.Now I've learned that these particular daisies are a noxious weed called Ox-eyes and the farmers hate them because the cows won't graze where they are growing. I guess that's why the cows haven't been hanging around too much this year. There's also a very pretty orange flower and some yellow ones called Hawkweed, which are also a big problem, apparantly. Shows what I know. To me they're pretty and worthy of picture taking.

The other thing that I've learned is that this plant, which I always thought was Chamomile, is called Pineapple Weed and is not Chamomile at all. Honest, I looked it up.This is Chamomile. Looks a whole lot like the Ox-eye Daisies above, doesn't it? These are also growing here, so it's a little confusing.Oh well, no matter. I'm not farming, so what do I care? I'm more interested in the beauty of it all and believe me, there's plenty of that.

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