Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Smoke on the Water

Finally, a reprieve from the cooking heat. It's been about a skajillion degrees here for almost a week, but today it's starting to cool off ..... (thank you God). We've gotten up at 5:00am the last 2 days so we can work outside before it warms up. With company coming on Sunday, Art and his brother Tom have been spiffin' up the veranda (pictures to follow).

There's a forest fire burning somewhere nearby, leaving a haze in the sky (kinda reminds me of Vancouver), which is getting thicker as the day goes on, and that sickly smell of smoke. I don't like that smell. A forest fire almost got our house when I was a kid and it scared me quite a bit, so that smell brings back an anxious feeling. I very much doubt that we are in any danger here, because all the trees are around the perimeter of the property, very far from the house. It's been very, very dry here. We really need some rain.

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