Friday, July 21, 2006

Death to Spammers!!!

Or worse! My blog has been hit by a spammer a couple of times now but last night was the worst. Everytime someone makes a comment to one of my entries I receive an email. This morning I woke up to 236 emails! They're all drivellous (if that's even a word) crap and I resent it big time. Now not only do I have to clear out all those emails from my mailbox, but I also have to go into each and every entry on my blog and delete those comments.

What I want to know is....why? What is the point of it all? What does this idiot gain? All I want to do is share some stories with my family and friends. I'm not bothering anyone. It's an invasion and I resent it (did I mention that?). Get loser!

1 comment:

prairiewoman said...

Yeah and f--k off and die too! Or is this too much attention.