Monday, July 10, 2006

Take a break

Today we are taking a much earned day off. We have been slogging it for a couple of weeks now, getting the place spiffed up for yesterday. The Burns Lake rockhound club came and had an auction and barbecue. There were about 20 people, lots of equipment to bid on, a big pile of rock to sift through and purchase, tons of food for noshing and lots of great fellowship. It really was a wonderful day, making all that hard work very much worth it.

So, Art and I promised ourselves that we would take today off, but you know, I think we have forgotten how to do that. It feels weird to be just sitting here and not have somewhere to go or something to do. I sure never had a problem with sloth in the past. I'm sure I could get the hang of it again, though, if I gave it some time.

The house looked so pretty before the guests arrived, I thought I'd best take advantage (because it may never look this good again) and make that video I've been promising my Mom. So I walked through with the camera and did a little filming. I want to get that completed and sent to her before my Dad comes for his visit at the beginning of August. He and my big brother, Rusty, are planning to drive up and spend a few days.

It's a little bit cool here today (about 8 C). I can't believe that I actually had to light the furnace this morning. It's the 10th of July and I'm stoking wood into a fire! Not that I'm complaining .... I'll take this any day over tropical heat. It's just weird, though.

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