Monday, July 17, 2006

The dog days of summer

Aren't these ears a hoot? Everyone that meets Xena gets quite a chuckle at those ears.Here's one taken on a hot day just recently. Art got tired of sharing his creamsicles with her, so now she gets her own. I can't believe that I was quick enough to catch that tongue!This is Duke. He is an Akida Saint Bernard cross and is the sweetest big bear you ever met. Xena was a bit afraid of him, only because of his size. Duke belongs to our neighbours Shannon, Russ & Lane.Have you ever seen that comic strip with the evil Yorkies? Well, don't you think this looks just like them?.....only looking from the outside in (of course our little angel is just perfect .... not evil at all .... HA!)And here is Xena playing with one of her favourite toys. It is really a child's toy, called a "Hippity-Hop", which the kid sits on, holds the big ring handle and bounces around. Xena loves it.

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carolb said...

Her ears are funny! I've never seen ears quite like that before! LOL!