Saturday, April 12, 2008

did I mention mud?

Yup, we got plenty of it. Yesterday's 2 inch snowfall has now melted and added to the soup we call a driveway. While in Vancouver, Art and I both made a little investment in these.They are called Bogs and we bought them at Lee Valley. Without a doubt they are the best rubber boots I have ever found. They're toasty warm and cushy soft, which are pretty nice features, but the number 1 for me is that the calf is stretchy. Never in my life.....EVER....have I found a boot that fits my foot and my calf at the same time. I am in love with these boots.

After we got home from Vancouver, Art made a trip back down on his own. He's been there all this past week, house and dog sitting for Sara & Kevin while they take a much needed vacation to Mexico. While he's been gone I've been on "chicken duty". During my daily outdoor trek, Xena and I play fetch ... in the mud. Well, more Xena than me. I mostly just stand there. She does all the running around. And she doesn't seem to mind getting thoroughly filthy.But not all of the driveway is horrible. The parts that Art, Tom & Eddie worked so hard on last summer .... putting in culverts, clearing ditches and laying gravel .... those parts are draining beautifully.There's still a lot of snow around. This was taken from part way down the driveway, looking back toward the house.Back to the subject of chickens. Ewie is very curious about the critters inside this coop.The other day they got out (I don't know...) and he was only too happy to lend a hand with the "roundup".He did pretty good, too. Trouble was he'd get 'em all herded together and then ........ pounce .... right into the middle. And they'd scatter.

So, I had to capture him (which was no easy task) and lock him in the shed while I finished the job. It was no big deal really. They all just wandered back into the coop on their own.

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