Monday, April 14, 2008

on his way

Just after midnight last night, Art picked up Sara & Kevin at the Vancouver airport. Once he had them safely home, he hit the road to come back to Endako. I was a little worried about him driving all night but he said he slept most of yesterday and felt well rested. The sky was clear, the moon was bright, he's got those new super cool driving lights (which I'm pretty sure you can see from space) and he had the "tracker" on. problem.This was another VERY worth it investment. It's called a "spot"....satellite personal tracker. There have been many times when we've been out in the wilds and ended up in places we had no intention of going. This would have been great to have. Yes, we had a satellite phone, but in all honesty, that thing cost way, way too much money and only worked part of the time. Not impressed. This little contraption is perfect. It will send "I'm OK", "send help", or "911" messages. It will also track our routes. It works with Google Maps, so people can pinpoint our exact co-ordinates.

So, while Art is driving home today, he has the device on and sitting on the dash. Every 10 minutes it transmits his location and I can go online to see where he is. Now I know exactly how much time I have to scurryfunge.

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Carol Browne said...! A space tracker.