Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy 3rd day of Fall

The month of September has been a glorious one so far. It did freeze the other night, though, and it's near that now....and raining outside. Very close to being snow.

Yesterday, we decided to harvest all the veggies that were above ground (well most of them). These potatoe plants have had it........but the horseradish is happy.Xena is helping Art harvest the tomatoes. Moments after this photo I caught her absconding with a mouthful, only to spit them out after finding that they weren't quite what she was hoping. She just can't help herself .... she's a kleptomaniac.This was a lot of plant for not much fruit. I know, Carol, they look like little pumpkins, don't they, but they're not.Actually, I don't know what they are. What we planted was Butternut Squash, which these orange ones do not look like, and Acorn Squash which are supposed to be green but these ones came out white. I think the seed company got some packaging mixed up.The Spaghetti Squash is wonderful and plentiful, as well as the Zucchini.

This the new composter .... made out of tires and sat upon that new pad Art made.Heading off with some of the "loot" to put in the basement until we can get some cold storage built.My discovery of the day was raw turnip. Well, actually Rutabaga. All you Weight Watcher type persons probably already know this, but it's new to me. Peel 'em, cut 'em into fingers and snack away. YUM !!! They are sweet and crunchy and way, WAY good! Art says that when he was a kid they dipped the ends in sugar before each bite. Also very delicious. Well, we have plenty and I now have a new favourite snack.


Carol Browne said...

Great shots! Those fresh squashes...yum! And I think you're right - those seeds don't look quite right for those quashes.

We saw Malcolm last night and he looks all tan. He said he had a great time with you guys.

Oh, and please remember to eat every turnip and pea on your plate. Haha!

My Little Corner said...

Good for you, looks like you had a very successful gardening season - even if it was shorter than down here - 4 green thumbs at your house.
Silly Xena!
My dad used to take a whole tomato and dip it in the sugar bowl.