Friday, September 17, 2010

don't eat pig poo

I wouldn't need to tell you that, right?  But it seems that Xena finds it to be a yummy treat.  I don't know about dogs sometimes.

Yesterday we decided to formally introduce the dogs to the pigs.  They've been just dying of curiosity for two weeks now and there's been a lot of whining and nose licking through the bars.  So Xena went first.
Once face-to-face she was a little bit nervous.
.... especially when one started chewing on the end of her tail.
So, then it was Cleo's turn.
Both were very good girls.
Today, we let them in the pen sans leashes.  While Cleo made a bee-line for the food trough, Xena found some lovely chewy nuggets.  MMMMmmmmm.


Carol Browne said...

I found the rule to be, the more disgusting, the more the dogs love it - for example, Moosh loved stinky old fish heads, horse poop, and garbage. Blech. Other than that that, dogs are GREAT!

My Little Corner said...

Cute piggies!

I know, dogs are a bit strange at times.
Eco likes horse buns. And whats worse is when you scold her and tell her to stop, she decides she'd better take one more and quickly chomps another before deciding to listen.

I've heard that they like the undigested hay in the horse poop, but I'm not sure what would be so interesting in pig droppings. All I know is no doggie kisses on those nights!