Wednesday, September 15, 2010

good friends and new piggies (part 1)

Earlier in the summer, RT & Rhoda came to visit and of course their dog Tommy. Tommy and our Xena are "in looooovvvve".

 When they leave, Xena truly seems depressed.

But then Mike and Bubba came to stay while, with their dogs Rusty and Maya. Doggy heaven was restored. Their timing was pretty good because we were just getting ready to bring home two new piglets and needed to build a pen to put them in. Their help was very appreciated.


Carol Browne said...

All your animals are awesome! And new little piggies. They look like hooligans. That's the perfect door for them too.

Also, that picture of Bose (spelling?)in the hay is beautiful.

Part 2, here I come!

Art Blomquist said...

It's Boose, which is Carrier for Cat. A whole lot of Boose's around here!