Friday, September 24, 2010

a visit to the cathouse

There have been a few trips to the veterinarian over the past few weeks, the latest being Xena for a gash she got on her leg.  I don't know how it happened, but it did require about 6 stitches.  Once again, she was a brave girl and let the vet do what she had to do.  In return, she got the BEST treats.  Here she is at home, resting after her ordeal.  The black on her forearm are the stitches.
The Burns Lake Vet Clinic is a wonderful place.  As well as offering the best care to all variety of animals they also have a rescue shelter for cats.  Over the few years we've been here we have taken home 5 cats from here.
During the summer, a second  shelter was built and Art generously volunteered his skills as an Electrician to install a light and outlet for a heater.  With the days getting shorter and colder, these are becoming essentials.
While Art was working away, I visited the residents of the other shelter.  There were maybe a total of 10 or 12.  As much fun as it is to go in and play with all those kittens, it is pure torture to leave.  Who can resist these darlings?!
The drive home along Savory Road.  I do love Autumn.


My Little Corner said...

Aww so nice of Art to share his valuable skills! Those little kitties are so cute, that must have been tough to walk away from!

What beautiful country you live in! I am very envious!

Denise E said...

Zena, Princess Warrior. She looks likes she's lapping up all the sympathy treats she deserves.