Monday, January 26, 2009

photographer woes

As Art promised, here are a few of my "frost" pictures.For about a week we had a heavy ice fog. Everything was covered in a stunning hoar frost (which Art's brother pronounces "whore" ... too funny). Each day the frost got heavier and more exotic. It was a photographer's heaven. But do you know happens to me? I go through phases. Sometimes I take pictures of every little thing I come across and other times I don't at all because I get so discouraged. I convince myself that it won't be perfect, so why bother. That's just crazy.

I have a good camera with some great lenses and a good tripod. I see what I think will be a fantastic photo. I take tons of shots, experimenting with all the different settings. Like this one on Art's blog. I took over 100 variations of this one picture. No kidding. I counted 65 still on my hard drive that I need to sort through and narrow down to my favourite. I already deleted 40 or so that I considered garbage. Now, I don't know if that would be considered obsessive or the sign of a good photographer (I think more likely the former). I'm such a perfectionist that none of them are good enough, but I also have a hard time throwing any away. I find it somewhat overwhelming sometimes. This is what holds me up when I'm blogging. I want to tell a story with photos, but I get in my own way so much of the time.

In all this photo-taking I've noticed that I have a lot of camera "shake". Mostly from pressing the shutter release, I think. So, when we went to Prince George last week, I bought myself a remote control for my camera.Probably the least expensive thing in my camera bag (only $30 or so), but I'm hoping it will help. I'm testing it out, just to make sure it works (please ignore that I'm covered in cat and dog hair....occupational hazard).These are a couple of very frosty trees I saw while we wandered around Prince George.We made a stop at Princess Auto. As we pulled into a parking spot beside a giant big pickup truck, Xena started going ballistic in the back seat. She'd seen another dog, so was acting all ferocious.For God's sake, Xena. It's the MIB dog. What do ya want to be barking at him for?

Back at home .... the chickens are laying crazy eggs.Maybe this wild weather is just too shocking for them, I don't know. Maybe it's time for chicken stew.

We've been having some gorgeous sunrises lately.This one's from a few days ago. Art has this morning's on his blog. I thought my fingers were going to freeze off waiting for the flag to be "just right".


My Little Corner said...

Those eggs made me laugh for 10 minutes! Poor birds.
And yes, he's totally a MIB dog! cute

Your frost photos are A.Maze.ING! Please send those into a magazine (like Birds & Blooms)and to Global TV for the News/Weather! Please send those pictures EVERY WHERE! They are so stunning, people need to see them!
And your sunset is also incredible. These beautiful sights are your reward for enduring such harsh temperatures.

michelle said...

the frost pictures are really amazing ... mother nature does provide us with some excellent things for picture takin'!

Kevin said...

Save the chicken laying the GIANT eggs, the quail can go (just kidding of course)

Great pics Jo, I love the one with the flag on Art's blog.


Carol Browne said...

I love the sunset shot...and wow! The hoarfrost (I hear it in my head as whore as well. Sorry.) That is amazing - I've never seen ice crystals like that before. Beauties!

I love your photos!

Endako Jo said...

I know.....hoar...whore....they sound the same. But not like how Tom says it. He says "hoo-er".

Carol Browne said...

Hahahaha! Oh that's how Paulie Walnuts says it on The Sopranos! Woo-ahs! Hahahardeeharhar!

Now THAT'S hilarious. I'm laughing out loud!