Saturday, January 03, 2009

a broader view

Who'da thought those Lucha Libre Smackdown masks would be such a hit. Art wants one too now, so I've made a start on that. I want it to be finished for when Sara and Kevin come to visit later this month. I'm sure they'll do some snowshoeing and those will definitely keep the wind out. Maybe they'll frighten any trespassing snowmobilers while they're at it. Would that be bad?I received a fantastic addition to my camera gear ..... a wide angle lens.This is the first picture I took with it.The same shot with a normal lens.That's a pretty awesome range. I LOVE it! I'm looking forward to doing some learning and practicing with it. Woot-woot!
(Carol ..... got any tips?)

Once the new woodstove is all polished up and the floor is painted and the clutter is cleared away, I'll take this picture again. From both sides. To show the true wonderousness of that whole project.

Blackie and Chickie are loving the new warmth.After awhile Ewie came to join them. There's that goofy stretch he likes to do.So, Sara, we'll put a chair close to the stove just for you so you can stay toasty warm while you're here.


Carol Browne said... favourite brand of lenses at the moment.

So far, I've got not too much to share except 2 things. 1) I've found some of my photos come out over exposed, so I do like to use the "hood" that came with the lens in bright light. I've also heard that side lighting works well with the wide angle lens. I haven't tried that yet, though.

2) Don't use them for close up portraits. Yikes. It made Mike look like he's got no teeth. The distortion is strange right in the middle of the lens close up on someone's face. You should try it. Just for fun. :-)

Daughter One said...

Woo Hoo pull up a chair for me AND I just might steal Dad's SLANKET (I mean super hero costume)!!!