Tuesday, January 27, 2009

what planet am I from?

It's amazing what kind of dreams you can have after spending hours and days doing family tree research and then watching the movie "Men in Black" just before going to bed.Apparantly, all my relatives are aliens (which may not be all that far off the mark). Nobody get offended now. It was just a crazy dream.

Seriously though. I have been bitten by the genealogy bug. For the last week I've been all over the internet ... and the world. I found immigration data on my grandmother and made contact with a second cousin I've never met. I wrote to an aunt asking for any tidbits she could share .... and she shared tons. My new found second cousin put me in touch with a person in Finland who has also done a lot of research on our family. I've yet to learn what his relation to me is, but the whole thing is very exciting. I don't know what gets me going, but several times in my younger life I have had the desire to know my roots. I wish I had acted on those desires while elder family members were still around, but isn't that the problem with youth? We don't look beyond ourselves sometimes.

So, my father's side comes from Scotland and Ireland. My mother's from Iceland and Russia.


Carol Browne said...

Oh hey, that's exciting! It will be fun to see what is revealed in your research.

My family? We're British and Welsh mostly. And my Grandpa on my mom's side was a Newfie.

You gotta love the maritimers.

My Little Corner said...

Wow you have a very interesting family background! My mom keeps up a lot of the family tree stuff - I'm counting on her records!

michelle said...

one of my dad's cousins has spent his retirement studying his family tree. he even made a binder for us detailing my grandmother's family from its beginnings in ireland through to today ... it's so interesting.